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DTR part 5 - wishes, hopes and dreams

There’s a popular myth that says when you really want something, you should close your eyes, wish for what you want, and don’t tell anyone for fear that then it won’t come true. As volumes of research and much popular literature argues, the exact opposite is more often true. Creating a life in which our dreams have an opportunity to come true involves actively sharing them with others.

Whether it’s the special meal you’d like this weekend, the home you’d like to create together, the exam you want to pass with flying colours, the holiday you want to enjoy, the home by the sea where you hope to retire, or anything in between, by regularly sharing your wishes, hopes and dreams and encouraging others to share with you, brings us closer to each other. It also exponentially increases chances for our dreams to come true, and deepens our experiences of love, intimacy and connection.

When sharing in the DTR there is an understanding that you will not be held to account, the listener will not, at some time in the future, hold you to doing what you said you wanted to do or point out or shame you for not getting what you wanted. Neither is it the listener's responsibility to make any of your dreams or wishes come true. So allow yourself to really go for it and share what comes up for you in the moment!

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