Some feedback from clients


"Ben is passionate about parenting and brings great skill and real life experience from family life to his coaching"

"Parenthood, for me and no doubt many others, is the most challenging journey I have ever been on. Being part of the parenting sessions with Ben has helped me to consider the ways in which I parent my children confidently and how to build on this to become the best parent I can. I have learnt many different strategies to cope with what I consider challenging behaviour which allow my children's self-esteem to remain intact and make me feel I am 'parenting positively'. Thank you Ben for making a real and positive difference to our family life"

"For me the Father and Sons weekend was genuinely life affirming. My son and I experienced such wonderful moments of joy they will be with me forever. We faced fears, we shared dreams and we deepened our love, trust and respect for each other"

"I recently contacted Ben about my son who had anger issues. Over a couple of hours Ben watched and questioned us and helped us to see the situation through a different pair of eyes. Ben left us with some tips to help us handle certain situations and we have already seen the positive benefits of using new tactics. Ben offers clear, calm advice and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any parent who feels they are struggling with any aspect of parenthood"

"Attending Ben's parenting group has allowed me to look at and understand my behaviour and how it impacts on my family. I have learnt useful and effective tools to change my behaviour towards my children which has facilitated better communication and a calmer and happier household. Ben works with real situations and gives practical solutions to try out, which really helps when challenging situations arise"

"Being part of a group of parents has been such a support to me. I look forward to it every month for the laughs, advice and sharing of stories. Ben has a way of making everyone feel accepted, whatever each of us brings. I leave with a few new ideas and feel much better equipped for the challenging and exciting job of parenting"

"An indispensable aid to parenting! We are given simple tools to deal with those tricky, frustrating and downright embarrassing situations that happen on a daily basis. I'm by no means a flawless mum, but hopefully I'm making some progress towards raising happy and emotionally healthy children"

"A relaxed and nurturing environment in which to share experiences and constructively problem solve. Ben is both an excellent interlocutor and guide, and the group itself, just the right mixture of sympathy and sense of humour"

"What a relief to find a fun, safe, supportive and friendly place, where you can get back to common sense parenting with toddlers and gently be challenged in your belief system"


"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice"